With the rise of Kickstarter a 3 minute video has become a norm. A great promotional video can sell products even before they’ve been built. This activity empowers students to act the roles they have been imagining so far and use what they got (smartphones) to create a persuasive product launch video. 

At first it might seem overwhelming but we’ve seen students having a lot of fun doing it and accomplish it in under a day. They usually need from 5 to 8 hours to create a script, prepare scenery, requisites, record it and combine the recordings into a video.


Video can also be a powerful TOOL FOR SELF REFLECTION, even on collective level. Here is a simple collective task example that does not demand any video-production knowledge:

“Students video-record each other’s presentations at the final events at both mobility events, IL1 and IL2, with mobile-phone cameras. Each presenting group takes care that the video is produced and uploaded no later than 8 days after the presentation event. All recordings must be, as far as the technology allows, intelligible by voice and picture, must show the entire presentation from beginning to end, must make sure the presenting students are identifiable.

The videos do not need to be edited necessarily, but must be uploaded to (possibly stable accounts) on Vimeo or Youtube, download-enabled and password-protected; links including passwords must be posted into the online forum (under the respective group’s topic).

They may be used as archived material for grading, the Committee decides which one is promoted to the ideate.me (or other relevant dissemination) site. Before the recording takes place, the students will be offered to sign a disclaimer of consent for the video-recording being used for assessment and dissemination purposes only.”

Students create a short presentational video about their solution.

This method is important because students have to act the roles they have been imagining so far. They use their own cameras and mobile phones.

How To Shoot Your Own Promotional Marketing Video From Start To Finish” by Bakari Chavanu (2010)

..and then watch How To Make Your Videos Look More Professional

and Top Ten Tips for a GREAT Corporate Video