By now each team has product / service idea, knows their solution’s benefits and is able to present it in a clear, persuasive way. But every product needs to be launched. A good launch plan is a multi channel operation combining PR, advertising and utilising virality mechanisms, but to make things simple, students get a very simple tactical-level task. Their job is to create an effective Google text ad.

Start the workshop with a short keynote explaining the role of a modern digital marketing. Why is it so important and how it works? Show the students the complexity of multichannel communication and marketing analytics.

Then ask students to create an idea for an ad. At this point they have to find a way to present their product in the shortest possible way. In case of google text ad, that’s 95 characters. Due to this constraint they have to think hard what is actually the main benefit for the user and how to communicate it in the most persuasive way possible.