A customer journey map is a diagram that depict the stages that customers or users go through in interacting with the product or a service. The aim of this workshop is to understand what does a persona go through from the moment they feel the pain to the moment the problem is solved by a specific product or a service.

Let’s imagine IDEATE is a product and STUDENT is the user and map out a simple journey:

STAGE 1: Customer Journey Mapping

  1. A student feels his studies don’t provide him with enough practical entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. He knows he needs it to increase his employability.
  2. His teacher invites him “Hey dear student, let’s IDEATE”
  3. He talks with his friends, parents, colleagues
  4. Thinks about pros and cons
  5. He applies for the IDEATE course
  6. He takes the course (What does he feel in pre-stage, First mobility, Second mobility, Pitch…)
  7. He is happy, has new skills, friends and is now more optimistic about his future.

For each stage we could explain how does the user feel, what does he say, think, do. At this stage we can ignore step 6 which is the journey through the actual solution (product or service).

Students visualise and present their map using post-it notes, walls…

STAGE 2: Product usage flow mapping

In this stage students construct the process and mechanics of the actual solution (Step 6).

And present that as well, get feedback, etc.