By now each group can see one or more directions they should take their product or service. Brainstorming and brainwriting sessions have filled the room and students’ heads with ideas. It’s time to separate good from best.

With your list of potential new product ideas, you now need to decide which ideas are worth pursuing and which should be discarded. But based on what should we judge?

This activity should starts with a keynote about feasibility, usability and viability of ideas. Participants should discuss and understand these terms in order to continue with idea screening.

Each team can develop a set of criteria to evaluate their ideas against. Criteria might include:

  • Does the product really suit user’s needs?
  • Is the idea feasible?
  • The level and scope of research and development required to test the idea?
  • Can this make profit (If profit is the goal?)
  • How close is it to competitor products / services?
  • Does it have the marketing potential?

First students get 20 minutes to set the criteria.

And then 30 minutes to judge and select best ideas.

At the end of the session they present one idea they’ve decided to pursue.