Each team of students should have 4 to 6 members. According to IDEATE experience smaller groups will simply produce less ideas while larger groups need a strong leader and allow some members to “hide”.  More on team size.. 

The aim of IDEATE is to recreate the real world entrepreneurship situation. That’s why we want students to go out of their comfort zone.

Students should find themselves in uncomfortable situations where they have to explain the obvious and resolve somewhat difficult interpersonal conflicts. Throughout this process they learn to respect other people’s views, cultures and disciplines.

Therefore each group of students should be as heterogeneous as possible. Mix students from:

  • different disciplines,
  • different countries (cultural backgrounds) and
  • different genders

Explain to students how teamwork works.

What problems should they anticipate due to different national and professional backgrounds.

Students need to anticipate of the problems before they appear. Explain them why the groups are created the way they are and why you are not allowing friends and colleagues (same discipline, country, gender, friendships…) to be on the same group.