Thinking about organising a design thinking workshop like IDEATE in your university course or organisation?
This is what you need to think about.


  • When it comes to number of attendees, 20 to 30 seems to be just right.
  • Think heterogenous groups. Mix philosophers with engineers and social scientists. Invention sparks on the crossroads of disciplines, cultures, ages, genders, etc..


  • We suggest you have at least 1 mentor per 10 students.
  • At least one of the mentors should have knowledge and experience with organising interactive group workshops.


  • A big room with movable desks and chairs, suitable for workshops
  • Sleeping facilities for visiting attendees should be located close to the main venue.


  • Big smiles on mentor faces will create the positive energy for the whole group
  • Provide water, coffee, chocolate, fresh fruit.
  • Lunch breaks


  • Post-it notes. Loads of it
  • Transparent Adhesive tape
  • Paper A3 size or larger
  • Colorful markers
  • Permanent markers (medium brush)
  • White board markers
  • White/Black board. Preferably one per group
  • Presentation canvas + Projector
  • Wifi access (Maybe put password on the wall)
  • Laptops (at least one per group, attendees should bring their own)
  • A camera to document the event in photos in videos
  • #ideate hashtag so attendees and mentors can post the event online.

HOWTO.IDEATE.ME is a toolkit for the IDEATE Intensive Learning Course developed within the IDEATE
Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Application for Transforming Education in High Technologies Project in collaboration of 5 partnering institutions:

University of Nova Gorica School of Arts  ·  University of Staffordshire  ·  University of Turku  ·  Vilniaus Verslo Kolegija   ·  D·Labs

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