The IDEATE Teacher Training course provides the future mentors with tools to deliver Entrepreneurial Education using interactive teaching methods. The training is designed to enable educators of all subjects and disciplines to enhance their abilities in realizing their students’ potential through Entrepreneurial Education.

Our students need entrepreneurial skills in their future work life.

  1. First, they should take initiative and responsibility that is to be enterprising.
  2. Second, most of them will work in companies and they should know the rationale behind enterprise.
  3. Third, some of them even become entrepreneurs themselves.

These three topics are all perspectives to the Entrepreneurial Education. The teacher can enhance the entrepreneurial skills of students in any subject or discipline by be- coming themself entrepreneurial and applying interactive entrepre- neurial teaching methods. The teacher should give experiential lear- ning and project work a main role in their teaching.

During the training you gain insight to:

  • See the opportunities of entrepreneurship in your teaching
  • Understand the key concepts of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial teaching
  • Get to know a range of entrepreneurial teaching techniques and methods
  • Share and exchange your experience on teaching

You are expected to:

  • Get familiar with the pre-readings
  • Attend the full two intensive days
  • Work supportively in small groups to share and exchange experiences
  • Engage in mutually supportive shared learning

The program has two training elements:

  • Pre-readings
  • Two day intensive training

More about IDEATE teacher training (pdf)

HOWTO.IDEATE.ME is a toolkit for the IDEATE Intensive Learning Course developed within the IDEATE
Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Application for Transforming Education in High Technologies Project in collaboration of 5 partnering institutions:

University of Nova Gorica School of Arts  ·  University of Staffordshire  ·  University of Turku  ·  Vilniaus Verslo Kolegija   ·  D·Labs

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